About Us

Contrawelle Film/Post is aimed to deliver high class assets for the Film & TV Industry. Whether you need an Image Film for your company, a Music Video for your band or a Commercial for your new Product we can make it happen.


Digital Cinema Ready

Our Company is set for the growing demand of Digital Film Production. We offer output solutions from Web Presentation over TV Standard 1080p up to High End 4K Cinema.


Great Docs & Support

In addition to comprehensive documentations in PDF format and online video, you also get support from friendly forum and dedicated support system.



Preparation is everything. This is why we focus on achieving a distinct direction from the start together with our customers so we can make our way straight to the goal in achieving the best possible results.


Achieving the best look for each shot is what every cinematographer has to strive for. This is why our young team always likes to explore new methods in creating special images everyday.


As the new era of digital filmmaking has begun, post-production has become an unseparable part of filmmaking. We offer various solutions for your needs whether it is editing, color grading or VFX.

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